Crane Country Day School

Upper School Classrooms

Trip Week

In the fall term each Upper School class participates in a week-long set of outdoor educational experiences. This week is an integral part of our curriculum. During that week the students follow a carefully planned program of exploring the natural environment of an area, be it a mountain range (seventh grade), an island (sixth grade), or a unique sea in a foreign country (eighth grade). Sixth graders make a voyage to Catalina Island, seventh graders go on a camping trip to Yosemite National Park, and eighth graders travel to Costa Rica.

Watch a short video on our Trip Week for Upper School Students. Allow enough time for the movie to load.

icon Please click here to view and download the quicktime version of the movie above (3.72 MB). To download the file in IE, Right-Click and then select "Save Target As". To download the file in Mac, Control-Click and select "Save Link As".

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