Monday, January 15, 2018
2017-18 Girls Varsity Volleyball Season
When we began practice in September, our girls had a variety of skills. Some had a lot of experience and were already playing at the club level, but for others it was their first time playing volleyball. We worked hard bringing everyone up to speed, learning transition, defense, and rotations. By mid-season they were really starting to play ball with confidence and joy. This was one of the strongest serving teams I’ve seen. We won many matches with our bullet serves.
Our student captains lead the team’s warm-ups, flipped the coin before games, and, with grace and encouragement, helped the team become a cohesive unit. Our setters did a fantastic job of running offense. Our middle-blocker position was played with many stuff blocks and attacks. Our defensive specialists using their wicked serves and amazing digs and saves really kept us in the game.
We began the season tournament with a 50/50 league record, but we developed into a very strong force for our opponents to challenge. We beat Laguna Blanca in the quarter-finals and came up against Providence in the semi-finals. Our match went three games, but they just barely out played us. It was a fantastic season full of laughs, fun, and good volleyball. I look forward to watching these girls in their future matches. -- Coach Willis
2017-18 Boys Varsity Soccer Season
During the second week of school in September, the boys soccer team began their first practices. There were over 25 boys who wanted to play, all with varying skill levels. We ran countless laps including “stop-drop-belly-flop,” and learned the famous 3-man weave drill. We tried to improve our passing, trapping, and kicking skills. Only after several practices did we have a scrimmage.
As our team improved, each player learned their assignment on the field. Some played offense and tried to score goals. Some had defensive positions and kept opponents from scoring. The others were midfielders who had to cover the entire field playing both defense and offense.
Our goalie made several game-saving stops throughout the season. The fullbacks learned to mark opponents and shut down their attacks on our goal. Midfielders ran up and down the field guarding, passing, and making crossing shots. Without their efforts our strikers would not have gotten as many shots as they did. Our strikers focused on scoring our team goals and they worked tirelessly to do so.
Our winning league record (6-2) gave us a good seed in the tournament, but sadly we lost a heartbreaker to Ojai Valley 1-0 in the first round that ended our season.
I’d like to thank our parents, teachers, alumnus Jack Morouse, and coaches who helped us have such a memorable and fun season. --Coach Pat Bixler