Take the Time to Ask and Listen

If you asked my mother about me, she’d tell you that I was a very energetic child. I was curious, constantly on the go, talked a lot, and wanted to figure out how everything worked. I was her second child. As soon as my younger sister and brother were born, my mother needed to find a way to keep me busy.

Summer Reading

As the end of the year approaches, my mind turns to summer reading. I am dreaming of my personal summer reading list. Of course, it is always too long, and the books pile up on my nightstand, tempting me and reminding me that soon pleasure reading will be a big part of each day!


Beat Generation’s author and provocateur William Burroughs said, “You can't fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal."

The Fictional Town of Speculation

On May 1 I attended a baby shower. The room was tastefully decorated in shades of mint and rose, including the matching macarons displayed on a white lace tablecloth. Refreshments also included lemonade and homemade cupcakes. We toasted the health of the mother-to-be, Violet Campbell, and her twins, Ocean and Bramble.

Discussing Ethics in Technology Design

I was recently listening to a TED talk in which behavioral economist Dan Ariely discussed why 86% of drivers in Sweden are organ donors while that same number is only 4% in Denmark. It turns out that this difference is not the result of a cultural or ethical divide but rather an opt-out (Sweden) versus opt-in (Denmark) organ donation checkbox at the bottom of their respective DMV forms. In both instances, most individuals did not bother to check the box. Many of the choices we make are influenced, if not made, by designers of technology.


You’ve seen the posters advertising popsicle sales, you’ve heard about the coin drive, and you’ve bought cookies from the Build-A-Bakery bake sale. Perhaps you’ve even had a parents’ night out in support of Hungry Tummies.


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