Peggy Smith


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Kids have an abundance of expertise, which makes them so handy to have around and so fascinating to talk to. When I have a tech issue, they are my go-to source. When I don’t understand a pop culture reference, I seek them out. When I read about new trends, I interview them for insider information. And, of course, when I really want to know what it’s like to be a Crane student, I rely not just on my own observations and hunches, but also on students’ experiences and their tales from the trenches.

One day last spring I put the 6th graders in groups, gave them an index card, and asked them to come up with directives for successfully navigating life in the Upper School. Here’s a sampling of their wisdom:

  • “Don’t procrastinate.Get things done early because it is stressful if you don’t.”
  • “Never mess around on your laptop. The teachers are always watching.”
  • “Bring extra pencils. You always need more.”
  • “Wear the right clothes and shoes on days that you have PE, and try your best in sports class.”
  • “Take a bunch of notes in class.”
  • “Don’t let your math group justify your knowledge or define who you are.”
  • “Stay on the good side of teachers.”
  • “Turn your phone off or you’ll get in trouble badly.”
  • “Over-achieve.”
  • “Don’t speak English during Spanish class. The teachers will like you more.”
  • “Find typos in Ms. Teare’s handouts because it might result in her bringing doughnuts to class.”
  • “Don’t take study hall for granted. Use the time wisely.”

What a great list! It’s honest, heartfelt, authentic, and spot on.Once again, the kids nailed it.

Peggy Burich Smith
Head of Upper School