Crane Country Day School

Unique Programs

Crane Country Day students are exceptional not only because they excel academically, but also because they channel their abundant creative energy along distinctive paths in the pursuit of learning. Special programs help maximize each student's ability to explore new subjects with imagination and ingenuity.

Daily Assembly

Everyone looks forward to daily assembly - a central ritual since the founding of Crane School. Each morning, the entire school gathers to hear announcements, celebrate student accomplishments, or be enlightened by the presentation of a current event from an eighth grader. Crane has also been honored with appearances by guest speakers, some of whom are internationally acclaimed experts in their fields of study. Beyond the valuable routine, assembly is also a time to expect the unexpected.


A Crane "family" has members from each grade. The goals of this program are to promote a strong sense of community, build inter-grade relationships, and give our eighth graders a special leadership role with significant responsibilities as "parents."


Homework Club

Homework club is not a part of daycare, but rather a free, supervised hour for students who are serious about getting their work done. Its purpose is to provide a quiet setting for students to work on assignments. Although there will be a teacher available to answer questions students may have, we are unable to provide individual tutoring.

We are very excited to offer this service, and look forward to seeing your child there soon!

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