Over the past several years, our little school gathered thoughtful community insights to put together some big plans – specifically, a long term Master Plan and a five-year Strategic Plan. Campaign Crane, a multi-faceted effort to implement the priorities set by those plans is an investment in the future for Crane.


Developing a new learning space, the Oak Tree Quad, which includes Upper School math and English classrooms and an all-school engineering lab to foster creativity and critical thinking skills.


Constructing an environmentally-sound parking lot to improve neighborhood traffic flow and ensure the safety of our students while laying essential technological and utility infrastructure for future projects included in the Master Plan.


Ensuring that our students have experience with the most advanced technology to prepare for our rapidly changing world, including a laptop and iPad program and an engineering lab. This age-appropriate curriculum will enhance their hands-on learning at Crane.


Building endowment today will guarantee Crane’s future by ensuring the funding of essential programs such as professional development, community service learning, diversity, and scholarships as well as maintaining our small size and profound sense of community.


• Parking lot with technological and utility infrastructure completed in September 2014

• Grading for Oak Tree Quad begins mid-October

•Groundbreaking scheduled for December 2015

• Anticipated completion date September 2016